Environmental & Ethical Aspects

Oct 17th

I have a keen interest in permaculture and try wherever possible to implement the three main principles of

Earth Share, People Care and Fair Share in my business practice.

To this end:-
I incorporate a living wage in pricing policy;
I am the sole earner in the family;
I support local businesses as much as I can when purchasing needlework and sewing supplies;
I intend to use upcycled materials in projects as well as sourcing reasonably priced organic materials.

Since I work from home, I apply my principles here for energy use also. My electricity is from 100% renewable sources and is sourced from one of the small ethical suppliers. Also this website is hosted by 100% wind energy.
Energy efficiency measures include low energy lighting throughout, switching off unused appliances and wearing a pullover rather than turning up the heating.
We use environmentally responsible, paper-based, packaging for all our products. These are either re-usable, re-cycleable or compostable.